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Hand Sanitiser Side Effects

Hand Sanitiser Side Effects

A Closer Look at Hand Sanitiser Side Effects

The possible side effects of hand sanitiser have become more of a concern due to its daily usage within the general population. Few products have ever seen such a spike in popularity as hand sanitiser did when the pandemic had just started. Suddenly, billions of people were demanding one product. This, of course, led to mass production of hand sanitiser, in order to meet the demand. As it stands currently, hand sanitiser has become part of our daily lives and we think nothing of applying it, especially when it is in public places. Generally speaking, if you enter a business or restaurant, the first thing you encounter at the door is hand sanitiser.

Yet, it needs to be noted that while there has been a massive influx of hand sanitisers into the market, that not all hand sanitisers are created equally. It is also important to understand the potential consequence of applying sub-par hand sanitiser. You can still comply with the recommendation from the World Health Organisation (WHO) to apply sanitiser often, without putting yourself at risk. 

What’s In Your Hand Sanitiser?

Hand Sanitiser Side Effects

Hand sanitisers are widely available as liquids, gels or foam applications. They contain one of two different types of alcohol; ethanol or isopropanol. The alcohol aspect of the hand sanitiser is what kills the virus. This is achieved by destroying the outer layer of protein which is vital for a virus’s survival and multiplication. Additionally. Hand sanitisers also contain a moisturiser such as glycerol, as well as sterile water. Some applications may also contain the antiseptic hydrogen peroxide. It is important to note that In the UK, hand sanitisers should comply with the EU Biocides Regulation 528/2012. They should be able to prove that the product matches any claims such as that it kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. 

It also seems that the most identified side effects will come with different formulas of hand sanitisers. The alcohol content generally varies between 60% and 90%. And alcohol has a drying effect on the skin, so naturally, the higher the alcohol content, the more likely your hands are to dry out. 

Some Hand Sanitiser Side Effects To Take Note Of

Although it is rare, people can have allergic reactions to hand sanitizer due to the ingredients found in the sanitiser. Additionally, they can cause irritation to the eyes, should they come in contact from your hands before completely drying. Additionally, it is possible for continued use of hand sanitiser to trigger an eczema outbreak in people who already suffer from eczema. This will appear in the form of itchy and discoloured patches appearing on your skin after use. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, hand sanitiser can also cause dry, flaky or sensitive skin and should be used in conjunction with moisturiser. 

Furthermore, you should ideally apply hand sanitiser in well ventilated areas to avoid potentially inhaling the chemical fumes. Inhaling the fumes on a regular basis when applying in enclosed spaces can cause adverse reactions. You should also avoid ingesting hand sanitiser completely as it is not for human consumption. Patients who have swallowed excessive amounts of hand sanitizers have symptoms similar to alcohol poisoning.

Hand Sanitiser Side Effects

Children Must Be Supervised Using Hand Sanitiser

It is also important to note that many of the preventative measures such as applying in well ventilated areas, avoiding contact with the eyes and not ingesting hand sanitiser seems fairly obvious. However, for children this could be much less obvious and they must always be supervised when using hand sanitiser to avoid potential hand sanitiser side effects. Furthermore, it is your responsibility to ensure that you source your hand sanitiser from a reputable institution such as Healthy Meds. This way you ensure peace of mind, as well as compliance with the EU Biocides Regulation 528/2012.

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