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stay safe during coronavirus


Covid-19 and the startling new “normal” it has created for us

At this current point in time, the total Coronavirus cases recorded in the UK stands at 306 184,with a total of 46 364 deaths. This staggering amount is a sombre reminder of just how serious this pandemic is. As much as the virus has thrown our lives askew from every aspect, we can not argue that there is a reason that we are doing everything in our power to stay safe. At the beginning of 2020, most people would have found it hard to imagine their lives ruled over by Coronavirus. The self isolation, social distancing and the incorporation of PPE into their lives. Until the time comes where it is safe for us to once again roam the streets without protective wear, it is up to each and every individual and business to play their part in the fight against Covid-19. 

stay safe during coronavirus

Getting accustomed to PPE in our everyday lives to stay safe during coronavirus

to stay safe during coronavirus

At Healthy Meds, we have been supplying the UK with high quality PPE products for a much longer time than Covid-19 has been around. Our products are specifically designed to help protect you against the Coronavirus. As personal protection equipment suppliers, we offer high quality products to individuals as well as businesses, bulk buyers and organizations. We have a wide variety of products ranging from disposable and re-use able Face Masks, PPE visors, hand sanitiser and surface disinfectants. We have supplied the NHS and are constantly upgrading our products to ensure that we meet the very latest regulations while keeping our costs low, meaning everyone can afford to stay safe during the pandemic. 

So while we are getting used to wearing our compulsory masks when in public, you can at least rest assured that you are wearing the best quality PPE products available. 

We offer quality PPE products to help you stay safe during the Coronavirus pandemic

All of our face masks are currently on sale so that we are able to provide the UK with affordable PPE face masks and visors. We have Medical Face Masks 4 Layers PM2.5 available in packs of 50. We also have Disposable Respirator (Non-Woven) premium quality face masks, also available in packs of 50. Other products include our high quality Blue Nitrile Disposable Gloves Powder free, available in S, M, L and XL. 

We can also supply you with 5l refills of Hand Sanitiser Gel, with 70% Plus Alcohol. Our Clinell products come highly recommended for all disinfectant needs. We have Universal Disinfectant spray bottles, available in either 60ml or 500ml, whichever you need.  We also have the High Capacity 1250ml GOJO Dispenser, which is ideal for high traffic areas when shopping from an organization or business point of view. 

1250 ml GOJO® dispenser

Healthy Meds are one of the leading PPE suppliers in the UK

We have been in the PPE game for long enough to understand that high-quality PPE products are essential in the fight against a global pandemic. That’s why we are leading PPE suppliers in the UK. Our goal is to stock affordable and high-end protective products, while at the same time offering service excellence. We are all about helping you to stay safe during this time, that’s why we also arrange to have our PPE delivered to you. So whether you need face masks for your household, or gloves for your factory, we can help you. We urge you to get in touch WITH Healthy Meds today, to view our full range of quality PPE products. Stay safe during coronavirus with Healthy Meds PPE supplies. You can visit our Healthy Meds PPE Shop to see all our PPE UK provisions. Alternatively, you can email us on