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PPE suppliers UK


A Completely New Outlook on Everyday Life & UK PPE Suppliers

UK PPE suppliers are here to help as the Coronavirus pandemic maintains its steady grip on the world, people seem to be adjusting well to the new “normal”. As naturally adaptable beings, this still hasn’t been easy, however, we are doing what we can in order to prevent further spread of the virus. Hard to have imagined this lifestyle 6 months ago, in a time where we were free to roam the streets and bars, restaurants, and shops without wearing face masks, without worrying about social distancing. Walking around in a public space without sanitizing our hands around every possible corner. Even though this is our current state of existence, we have risen as a nation to prove that we can come together, metaphorically that is, to rise to the challenge and to look out for one another. Never before have PPE suppliers been so important.

PPE suppliers UK

Teaches are Important Frontline Workers as Well

PPE suppliers UK

This has been the most obvious when looking at our public services. Not only is it harder to continue to provide quality public service due to Covid-19, but it is also a frightening idea to be so exposed. That is why, at Healthy Meds, PPE UK suppliers, we believe it is important to know that we have you covered. We offer discounted PPE products to schools and other public services to ensure that our frontline workers are covered well. While most of the economy has ground to a halt, with the re-opening of schools, it has been significant for our nation’s youth to continue receiving the education they need, despite a global pandemic. Is has become clear that teachers are frontline workers, who put themselves at risk to perform their noble duty. We respect and salute them.

We are already in the process of supplying schools with face masks, thermometers as well as UK N95 Masks and hand sanitizer gel 5 litre.

A Renewed Appreciation for the Public Services

While most of the UK has been in some way able to stay at home while performing their duties, the public services have been there to help us all. If you are a public service looking for high-quality PPE products, Healthy Meds is here to support you. We are now offering discounted rates for public services in order to show our support and willingness to combat the spread of Coronavirus. We appreciate the services that citizens utilize and want to help schools to stay open during this time. We have an incredible range of PPE products on offer.

We highly recommend our Professional Infrared Thermo Responder, this product uses infrared to measure the human body temperature quickly and accurately. This makes it ideal for use in a public space. We have 100% Cotton Face Masks Reusable Washable with Breathable Technology for both children and adults. This is a perfect product for longer periods of use as needed in schools as they are soft and comfortable to wear.

Professional Infrared Laser Thermometer

Quality PPE Products from Healthy Meds to Help the Public Sector Stay Safe

Our GOJO 8788 ADX-7 Dispenser 700ml is a fantastic option to include around entrance areas to public spaces. This hand sanitizer dispenser is effective and has a stylish design to boot. Our variety of high-quality Clinell products will suit your every need, from our convenient Clinell Wall Mounted Wipe Dispenser, to our highly effective Universal Disinfectant Spray to disinfect surfaces in an instant. They are available in either 500ml or 60ml bottles for your convenience. We are dedicated to playing our part by having your PPE delivered, reducing the risk of infection.  If you are a public service in need of face masks, hand sanitizer, surface disinfectant or anti-bacterial hand gel sanitizer, get in touch with us today. View Healthy Meds PPE Shop provisions and our full range of products today.