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Covid-19 and The Hypothesis We’ve Been Waiting For

Having touched on the benefits of staying in the loop when it comes to Covid-19 updates in previous blog posts, it seems that there is always more development on the virus. A number of various publications recently have been focusing on a new phenomenon. Fittingly, Healthy Meds feels it necessary to continue the interesting conversation. There seems to be more and more evidence suggesting that, as controversial as it sounds, wearing a face mask for extended periods of time can potentially be giving people Covid-19 immunity. As the Telegraph recently posted about what researchers have discovered; “Mask wearing might also be reducing the severity of the virus and ensuring that a greater proportion of new infections are asymptomatic” . The original post came from the New England Journal of Medicine, giving us some hope in the ongoing battle against the Coronavirus pandemic. 

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Wearing Medical Face Masks Now is More Important Than Ever

The research further suggests that population-wide mask-wearing could ultimately lead to a higher proportion of Covid-19 infections being asymptomatic. While further testing needs to be conducted, it is highly advisable and in some areas still mandatory to wear a face mask. It is up to every individual, business, public service, and healthcare facility to ensure that they play their part. Our combined efforts can only help us in the long run, until the time comes that a vaccine has been found. This is why Healthy Meds, leading PPE suppliers UK, makes sure that we only stock the highest quality PPE products, including UK n95 masks and face shields. Furthermore, we currently have incredibly special prices to ensure that our clients are able to stock up on medical face masks supplied by Healthy Meds. Bear in mind that our PPE products have been specifically designed to fight viruses such as Covid-19. 

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Healthy Meds High Quality Medical Face Masks and Other PPE

Hygiene face masks are recommended for use in any situation where protection of the respiratory system is required. As our current situation warrants this response at all times when in public spaces, it pays to invest in the highest quality products. Healthy Meds has a wide range of face mask options to choose from. Remaining at the most popular are the Medical Face Mask 4 Layers PM2.5, available in packs of 50. If you are looking for something more economically friendly, the Face Mask for Adult 100% Cotton Reusable Washable Breathable Technology is a fantastic option. They are also available in Kid’s sizes to ensure that your entire family remains protected. Another great product is our best selling Face Mask with Ear Loops Pack of 50, specially designed as a barrier protecting the wearer’s mouth and nose area from penetration of dust, pathogens, microorganisms, and particles. Healthy Meds remains one of the leading PPE suppliers in the UK

Medical Face Mask

You Can’t Put a Price on Good Health

If you are looking at stocking up on high-quality PPE products from a private, business or healthcare point of view, you can benefit from medical face masks supplied by Healthy Meds, leading suppliers of PPE, UK. Additionally, if you are a public service looking at stocking up on PPE products, we urge you to get in touch with Healthy Meds. We have special discounted rates on offer for public services. This is a continuation of our support regarding our public services, whether you need face masks, hand sanitiser, or surface disinfectant. In addition to our face masks, our Clinell range has remained at the top of our selling list so be sure to check out our surface disinfectant wipes, wall-mounted wipe dispensers, and Clinell Universal Spray. The patented formula ensures that 99.9% of bacteria is killed in a single step. Make sure to stock up on all your essentials health items including medical face masks from the Healthy Meds PPE Shop, the leading PPE suppliers UK.