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Best Face Mask For Coronavirus

The Best Face Mask For Coronavirus By Healthy Meds

The new regulations for the foreseeable future

A life before Coronavirus seems distant and dreamlike. A carefree time of happy socialising and the world in a state of, well, normalcy. We all miss those times, however, as adaptable as human beings are, we are slowly becoming more familiar with the new state of “normal”. It might be temporary, but we just can’t know for sure. 

The government in England has announced that as of the 24th July, wearing protective facial gear is mandatory for citizens moving in public spaces. These measures have been put in place to further help curb the spread of the virus. This means that face coverings, for example a fabric covering, bandana or scarf that covers both your mouth and nose, must be worn in conjunction with social distancing and frequent hand washing. If you are able to obtain a facemask, which is usually of medical standards, you are also encouraged to wear it. 

Getting accustomed to wearing PPE in public

face masks during coronavirus

As it is becoming an everyday occurrence to see our fellow citizens don their masks when getting out of the house, so also we are getting more used to covering our faces. There are many options to choose from all of a sudden when it comes to face coverings. Every business or entrepreneur seems to be selling their own version of them. At Healthy Meds, we’ve been in the PPE game for a long time and due to our extensive expertise, we understand what is needed for a facemask or face covering to be effective. Essentially, a face covering is designed to keep others safe, while a face mask can only be referred to correctly as a mask when it is a surgical face mask. These are generally used in a health care setting. We supply both face masks and face coverings long before, but especially during Coronavirus in the UK. Our PPE supplies will keep you safe!

Investing in your health with the best face mask for Coronavirus

the best face mask during coronavirus

Due to the fact that face coverings are compulsory in shops now, it stands to reason to invest in one that will not wear down easily, while still providing the protection your respiratory system needs. With our current incredible discounted sale rates on face masks and face coverings, it is easier than ever to make the sound choice. Our products are manufactured to medical grade standards and can be used either in a health care environment or simply for travel and daily life routine use. Our specialised PM2.5 Face Masks have four layers to offer you peace of mind and are available in packs of 50. Our Antiviral Face Mask Pro is a high quality face covering that offers you 2 layers of protection and is washable. 100% cotton with breathable technology. This covering is recommended for private use. We also stock our own Healthy Meds Medical Grade 3-Layer Disposable Face Masks. They are available in packs of 50. As leading personal protective equipment suppliers, we also supply face masks for kids!

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Get The Best Face Mask For Coronavirus From Healthy Meds

There is also the option to wear a shield such as our high-quality Transparent Splash-proof Face Protective Shield which offers you full facial protection. It has a good anti-fog function and provides clear vision, especially if you wear glasses. We also offer incredible quality products to further help our clients to stay safe such as our Hand Sanitiser gel with  70% alcohol content. Furthermore, we have high-end surface disinfectants like our popular Clinell Universal Disinfectant spray. All our products are designed to provide you with the ultimate protection and peace of mind, whether you need medical-grade products or within your private capacity. If you need the best quality face coverings and face masks during Coronavirus in the UK, we urge you to get in touch with Healthy Meds today. Shop all our medical supplies at our PPE Shop