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We are very clearly living in unprecedented times in 2020. Amidst a global pandemic, our everyday lifestyles have changed completely, virtually overnight. It would seem that the last six months of life on Earth has seen almost every civilization buckle under the weight of Covid-19. In desperate measures to save lives and economies, we have been forced to self-isolate, something that goes against the grain of our social natures. Where we can not avoid leaving the confines of our homes, we have to don gear that has become so normal that it will be strange to see groups of people without face masks once this is over. 

People everywhere are urged to play their part in the prevention of spreading the virus. Those more vulnerable are considered; it is not simply about your own safety anymore. As long as there is no definitive end in sight, it is up to each of us to take precautions. This is where PPE supplies become imperative and Healthy Meds is here to help!

Getting used to PPE

Quality PPE products

As we all are aware, it is within all of our interests to wear the correct and effective PPE (personal protective equipment). With the exception of medical staff members, this has been a strange idea for us all to get used to. No public space will allow you into it if appropriate PPE is not worn. This alone indicates how seriously the fight against the Coronavirus is taken. While it takes some getting used to, wearing a mask or visor in public spaces doesn’t seem so bad, especially when compared to the alternative of contracting the virus. While handwashing is also highly advisable, using hand sanitizer with high alcohol content is a suitable substitute for when you are unable to wash with water. 

 Once we can all agree that we are in need of these products and PPE supplies, the next question that comes to mind is this; are there superior products or are they all the same? 

Our high-quality PPE products

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There certainly has been a host of various companies and products appearing over the last few months trying to capitalize on the pandemic. These products are often of sub par quality, rendering them practically useless. When purchasing PPE products, you want to ensure that you invest in high quality equipment that will give you the most protection against the virus. Healthy Meds has been supplying the UK medical industry with quality PPE products for much longer than Covid-19 has been around. We are experts in the field and our medical disposable face masks provide effective protection against dust, fog, bacteria, pollution, pollen and infectious pathogens. We have supplied the NHS and are constantly updating our products to meet the very latest regulations. 

Not all PPE supplies are made equal and we recommend investing in products that offer you maximum protection

Service and product excellence helping you to stay safe

While we can not at all stages completely avoid being at risk to some degree, we can all make the required efforts to keep ourselves and others around us safe. By making sure that our personal choices in PPE products are of high quality and properly applied whenever we are outside of our homes. Healthy Meds’ wide range of face masks, N95 Respirator Masks, surface disinfectant, hand sanitizer gel 5 litre, and face shields will give you the most protection that you could possibly have, all the while priced extremely competitively. For more information, we urge you to get with us. Our delivery is fast and we appoint a manager to all of our clients, ensuring a personalised experience and efficient ordering.  Visit our Healthy Meds PPE Shop to view our extensive range of products. Alternatively, you can email us at