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UK PPE Suppliers Keeping Public Services Safe

Precautions Will Continue To Be Important For the Time Being

PPE suppliers remain critically important in the UK. While it may appear that globally the world is gaining traction in the ongoing fight against the Coronavirus, experts are warning that the same strict precautions that were imposed in the beginning of the pandemic will remain a necessity for the foreseeable future. Globally, countries have seen a rise in what they are calling “second wave” of Covid-19. This is in part caused by the easing of lockdown rules, especially when it comes to the opening of borders for leisurely travel. It has also been noted that surges in cases are inevitable when it comes to the measures taken by individuals. We are still fighting this virus and it will only hurt our efforts to be complacent now.

It is up to each and every one of us to ensure that we remain committed to taking the necessary precautions at all times, especially when it comes to our shared public services. This is where Healthy Meds is here to help, as a leading personal protective equipment supplier.

PPE suppliers UK

Recommendations To Help Everyone to Stay Safe

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In public and private spaces alike, but also noticeably in a community healthcare facility, individuals are strongly urged to ensure that measurements are in place so that all settings are,where practicable, Covid-secure, using social distancing, optimal hand hygiene, frequent surface decontamination, ventilation and other measures where appropriate. The recommendation is that a face mask be worn at all times and has been made mandatory in public spaces as a result of its effectiveness in protecting other people. With this being said,it is important to note that the extended use of a face mask alone does not eliminate the need for other key factors of measures to prevent the risk of transmission, such as was mentioned above.

It is important to ensure that in your private capacity, in a business setting and most importantly in a healthcare environment, that the correct recommendations are followed as far as possible.

Healthy Meds PPE Suppliers UK

At Healthy Meds, we have been at the forefront of the PPE industry for a long time. This expertise has given us an advantage over the Coronavirus as we are aware of the high quality of products that are to be used when producing PPE items. Our wide variety of products make it easier to stay protected. Our popular choices include our Clinell products which can also be sourced in bulk from Healthy Meds. If you need sanitisation on the go, our Clinell Antimicrobial Hand and Surface Wipes are ideal. Easy to carry in your purse, car or even at home, they offer an effective solution when you quickly need to sanitise a surface. Our Clinell Universal Spray is another effective solution and popular choice amongst our clients. The formulation is designed to clean and disinfect in a single step. Conveniently available in either a 500ml or 60ml bottle.

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Healthy Meds Are Committed To Offering Assistance to Public Services

If you need to make hand sanitizer available to a large number of people, our Gojo sanitizer dispenser is a great option. Can be used as needed without sharing a surface. The dispenser can either be screwed directly into the wall or securely attached using the adhesive strips on the back. We also stock a wide variety of medical-grade face masks, disposable protective gloves, hand sanitisers, splash proof face shield and much more. We urge you to get in touch with Healthy Meds, PPE UK suppliers if you are a public service looking to stock up on high-quality PPE products. In our continued efforts to support public services, we are offering discounted prices on selected products. To view our full range of products, you can simply visit our PPE Shop.

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