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What Is a Medical Face Mask?

Face Masks During Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has seen an unprecedented global use of face masks and face coverings. Majority of countries across the world currently require or have previously required that face masks be worn in public spaces. In the UK, this still holds true as the country is making its way out of lockdown. Face masks have become a  norm, a part of our everyday lives that we no longer as easily forget about. Wearing face masks when exposed to other people is still one of our most important preventative measures against spreading the virus. Naturally, this is most effective used in conjunction with other preventative measures. 

These other preventive measures include ensuring that you maintain social distancing of at least 1.5m at all times when in public. Additionally, to sanitise your hands frequently and maybe the most obvious one, to just stay home as often as you can.

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Medical Face Masks

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines medical masks as: ‘surgical or procedure masks that are flat or pleated; they are affixed to the head with straps that go around the ears or head or both.’ Additionally, medical-grade face masks are designed to be worn only once before being disposed of properly. This means taking the mask off by the straps, wrapping it in a bag and washing your hands once disposed. Furthermore, a medical-grade face mask must have at least a 95% droplet filtration system and breathability. They must also consist of multiple layers of manufactured, non-woven materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene or cellulose. 

Overall, medical grade face masks are tested for their ability to block droplets and particles. These are the go to masks for healthcare professionals due to their effectiveness. The WHO has also recommended medical grade masks to the vulnerable in order to take the necessary precautions. 

What Is a Medical Face Mask?

Medical Grade vs Fashion Face Masks

Over the course of the last 18 months, face mask wearing has become so normal, that designers and fashion brands have of course jumped on board with this essential trend. If there is a type of new or “improved” face mask fabric or fibre, they have been created and sold since the start of the pandemic. For many, their face mask has become a part of a fashion statement and many people are unwilling to wear plain, or medical grade face masks. Many of these face masks options are only gimmicks and should be worn with extreme caution. Since so much is at stake with the type of masks worn, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Regular citizens should essentially only refrain from buying medical face masks where there is strain on medical grade face masks supplies. First and foremost, healthcare workers and the vulnerable are recommended to use medical grade face masks when supplies are running low. However, with reinforced production and generally eased lockdown rules, this hasn’t been much of an issue lately.

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Since there are currently not many public places that you can visit, or even go to work if not working from home, you will need to invest in proper face masks at some point. If you have any questions about when you should and shouldn’t wear a mask, have a look at this page here. The UK Government has laid out exactly when and where the rules apply. Additionally, please ensure that you remain socially distanced and disinfected when in contact with other people. Please also read our article The Best Face Mask For Coronavirus By Healthy Meds.

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