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When Will We Stop Wearing Face Masks?

When Will We Stop Wearing Face Masks?

What Are The Experts Advising?

Ah, face masks. Who could have imagined that they would become a part of our everyday lives virtually overnight? Globally, face masks have become the standard and the first line of protection against spreading the Coronavirus. And while we have gotten accustomed to wearing face masks in a general sense, they are still annoying, to be honest. The question on everyone’s lips seems to be, “when will we stop wearing face masks?”. This is a reasonable question as it seems that not wearing face masks is the ultimate end goal. To many, this is the single thing that would signify a victory over the pandemic.  

So the burning question remains; when will we stop wearing face masks? There seems to be a fair share of contradicting opinions on the topic. While the end seems to be in sight for the UK when looking at the Lockdown Roadmap, many experts believe it can be much longer.

When Will We Stop Wearing Face Masks?

Face Mask Protection

Face masks provide a necessary and effective barrier against airborne particles. They essentially stop droplets from escaping into the atmosphere or potentially landing on other people around you. This is because when we talk, breathe, laugh, or cough, we are unaware generally of the number of particles that are released. Currently, this is especially important when a person is asymptomatic. In this case, since you are none the wiser of an infection, that extra layer is crucial. 

This is mostly why it is still required by law for UK citizens to wear face masks in all indoor public areas such as malls, shops, bars and restaurants, before you are seated. At this point in time, wearing a mask outdoors is not required,  but highly advisable. Additionally, if you are caught without a mask in a space where you should be wearing, you can be fined up to £200

When Can We Stop Wearing Masks; Getting Closer To The End?

Initially, the date was set for the so-called Freedom Day to be 21 June 2021. However, following Boris Johnson’s latest announcement, the date has been moved to 19 July 2021. All in all this means at least another 4 weeks of mask wearing for UK citizens. The reason behind the delay is the concern regarding the new Delta variant in particular. Experts have weighed in on the topic with fears that going ahead on 21 June will result in hospital admissions on a scale of the first wave. According to Health Secretary Matt Hancock, the Delta variant makes up 91% of all new UK Covid cases.

However, different experts globally have lifted opinions regarding face masks being around for a much longer time. This is because of the safety that people experience while wearing masks. It will also have formed such a normal part of our lives that not wearing one when out in public could be a hard habit to break.

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It is safe to say that we will only know for sure if the rule will be lifted, or possibly delayed longer once it happens. There are also many people who will opt to wear their masks a little bit longer, but only in necessary situations. This could include for example when making use of public transport. We understand that currently, we will have to grin and bear wearing face masks for our protection, as well as the protection of those around us. Furthermore, investing in high-quality PPE such as medical face masks will add to your peace of mind. 

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